‘I recognize guidance by the joy it imparts in my heart.’

This simple comment by Dena McKitrick is a backstage pass into further appreciating her work. It speaks of the intuition, presence, devotion, compassion, courage – and yes, love – that she brings to each piece. In fact, these are her essential ingredients. Of course, the visual structure of her work is evident, built primarily on elements of color, form, value, and balancing principles of dominance, contrast and unity. But these aesthetic qualities exist as a result of, and in service to, what lies behind the scenes.

When art extracts significance from our unique experiences, presenting it in some tangible form for our exploration, amusement, or enjoyment, we may find resonance with it. Equally true for the artist as for the viewer.  And while we each walk unique paths in life, Dena has drawn deeply from her extraordinary mixture of life experiences and social diversity. Her creative journey threads through this diversity; empowered by it, she has explored many artistic media and facets. As she remarked:

‘My life is a tapestry of unusual and diverse experiences. My work is reflective of that diversity and my deep and abiding connection to Spirit, as I live my mission – To act as a catalyst for growth by channeling Spirit’s Love, Light, and Joy in whatever creative energy form it expresses through me.’

Dena McKitrick is an eclectic artist in touch with the Muse. In this show, her work is primarily grounded in a many-layered combination of watercolor and prismacolor pencil developed from a style that she dreamed one night… As Dena puts it, art is  ‘a joyous, wonderful experience for me; a constantly expanding adventure.'” –Craig Reiser – arts advocate, art show coordinator for Crepeville in Sacramento, CA