The process of creating art is a spiritual one for me. It is about leaning into my faith and a deep trusting that as I seek to be of service, that which needs to emerge, will. As I work, I get into the groove, and experience a deep meditative state. I can lose hours in the blink of an eye.

An immediate result of that is an infusion of great joy while participating in the art-making process. It fills me up from my depths, and connects my consciousness to the sublime.

Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

I constantly seek to be of service through the spiritual practice of surrendering to guidance in the creative process.

Were I to really look at it logically, I would have to say that I really have no idea why I am compelled to create other than that these images (and my writing, and other creations) are helpful in some way to someone in the world. Usually, why or how is not for me to know.

Whether drawing, painting, sculpting, writing poetry, singing, or any other way of creating, it is the same process of surrendering in faith to guidance that allows me access to the Muse in all of her guises. I am dedicated to sharing the gifts I receive from this process with the world.

There is that song that says, ‘How can I keep from singing?’ In my experience there is no way for me to keep from creating. I think I will only stop the day I die. And, who knows – perhaps only the media will change then. I rather suspect that whatever form or unform my soul/spirit takes, that Great Mystery has planted that seed of creative expression in the center of it. It is a part of my purpose; my reason for being. Of that, I am certain.