I am an artist. Therefore, artistic creation is a predominant thread that runs throughout all of my activities.  Eveything I do, everything I think, is approached from the perspective of my aesthetic, and powered by Spirit’s creative inspiration. Creating fine art is one of my strongest muscles, and most beloved passions. 

Today, the materials and techniques I use differs for each piece. Any piece may be a single material with straightforward content or could involve a combination of any or all of the below, mixed however the current piece requires.


I’ve been drawing since I was very young. I’m drawing all of the time, with a pencil, with pens, colored pencils, and felt tips. Sketches, doodles, colored pencil paintings, oil pastels, portraits, and illustrations.


My degrees are in sculpture. I did mixed media assemblages for my thesis – anthropomorphic metaphors. I discovered the joy of carving ceramics when drawing on unfired clay. My latest sculptural work involves interacting with spirit: spirit rattles, “altared” books, and other interactive pieces.


I started painting in oil when I was about 13. A friend of my mom’s gave me a whole bunch of left-over bits of paint from her paint-by-number projects. As I became more sensitive to the oil fumes I switched to acrylics. Then, in my thirty’s, I was introduced to watercolor. Ah! A whole new world woke up with the techniques that I developed from that introduction. In the last few years, I have circled back around to using classic watercolor techniques with transparent liquid acrylics on canvas. Then, I combine the results of that effort with various layering, collage, faux-encaustic, mixed media elements.

Electronic Media:

Combining my photography, scanned images of my real world work, electronically drawn, painted and enhanced art, with other elements, such as my creative writing. Building with layering in Photoshop and other graphic design programs opened up a new understanding of the beauty of combining elements in all of my art.

Spiritual Practice:

Daily, I practice gratitude, spiritual praise, prayer and active consciousness. All of my expressions as an artist are intrinsic to that practice. It’s all interwoven. It is all an expression of my mission and my purpose.