Every piece of life is spiritual to me. I believe that every moment, every expression, every person, every place, each and every thing is part of the Creator’s great creation, and as such, is spiritual. I have dedicated myself to serving my Higher Power by focusing every day on one thing – fulfilling my life’s purpose to the best of my ability.

The Story of Medicine Flower

Once I met this woman who offered help to me when I was going through a very rough time. She ran a service agency. When we sat down to have a conversation, we immediately engaged in the soul to soul communication of connected hearts. There was an obvious link between us as we talked about dedicating our lives to being of service to God. We discussed how that looked and felt in each of our lives. I was brought to tears of joy.

Then, she started proselytizing to me about her particular religion. Some word that I had said (and I have no idea what/which word) triggered a fear response in her. It caused immediate disconnect. Try as I might, I was unable to restore the communion of spirit with her.

Several years later, I was in a sweat lodge of medicine women. We were praying for world peace. Suddenly a song came to me. As I expressed this prayer/song energetically with all my heart, the other women in the lodge began singing their own. I had this vision: each song came from a different direction as a pink petal of a huge flower. They all joined together as they spiraled together in the center over the glowing rocks. They rose as one prayer of peace to the world.

The painting called the Medicine Flower brings this epiphany: You may appear to be living a different truth over there on your path, but really, all truths lead to the one.

Medicine Flower

My purpose and my daily creative practice has many faces:

Spiritual Expression as Creative Expression

As I align myself, I first firmly connect in the feminine by grounding within the earth. I hook through the open top of my head to the center of the universe at the masculine spark of creation. I open myself to be a hollow bone, a clear channel for Great Spirit/God/Goddess/the Muses/inspiration, a conduit for the ever present out-pouring of the joyous overflow from the artesian well of the infinite Creative expression. More simply stated, I am a catalyst for growth and healing by acting as a channel for Great Mystery’s creative expression.

Finding Our Common Spiritual Thread

I find a common thread of spiritual expression through people of all religions that exudes the sweet aroma of Higher Power’s love. It occurs whenever an individual consciously dedicates their life with all of their heart to service. It finds voice as joyous creative expression. I relish the discovery of commonality amongst  people of divergent faiths, for therein dwells our path to peace.