Photo Montage

Many years ago I signed up for yet one more photography class – this time a self defined independent study in dark room magic. It was my plan to photo montage my drawings together to create composite images. One week into the class, I discovered that I was pregnant. Due to the toxic nature of dark room chemicals, I immediately quit, giving up on the idea.  Later in the pregnancy, I began a short but intense manually done pencil drawn series which resulted in composite images similar to those I planned on doing in the dark room.

Around the same time I started doing commercial art for a living, and then I got my first computer. This was before Photoshop was even created, still, I continued to push, trying  to create images as well as commercial projects on the computer.

Fast forward years, several cameras, drawing, painting, computer graphics and Photoshop experience, and I’ve come full circle. Now, I thoroughly enjoy combining all of my imagery in photo montages. I use these techniques for creating custom graphics and sometimes, I add my writing to create inspirational art pieces. You can see quite a few more where they were first introduced as illustrated versions of The Daily Napkin.

Overt Bird