Participating in one of many inspirations and projects - a member of the David Best decorated care team at LA MOMA

Inspirations and Projects

Besides art creation, I have many inspirations and projects. One of my nicknames is “Too Many.” My husband lovingly calls me that because I am a Maker. A maker of things. Part of the creative energy of a Maker seems (at least in my case) to be to act as a magnet for stuff.

Sometimes, this can lead to the shadow side of the energy (hoarding). Luckily, and consciously, I do not participate in that shadow. Still, I rarely have just one of something. I usually have multiples of most anything I value as useful, e.g. tools, equipment, and supplies. And when I seek a certain kind of experience, many opportunities arise (such as getting to be part of the Rhino Car creative team with David Best at LA MOMA). A lifelong challenge for me has been limiting what stuff and what experiences I will allow into my circle. “It’s all so cool!”

More than things, or experiences, however, is a plethora of exciting ideas, inspirations and projects. A few of these, which have actually come to some kind of sustained fruition for me, include:

The Daily Napkin was a daily poem practice for many years. A ritual expression, a gift of love shared with my husband.
Serenity Cards was started as a source for blank, 12-step anniversary cards, large enough for the signatures of all attendees at a meeting.
Stones of Change is an original system of intuitive readings and fortune sculpting, based on the wisdom of the medicine wheel.
Wisdom Circle was a monthly ceremonial circle of women for 4 years.

The site that ties it all together into a fuller picture of me. Eventually all of my sites will be one on this site. 

Souls Journey is a Kiirtan band, an eclectic collection of musicians dedicated to sharing uplifting music.