What Every Successful Business Owner Needs To Know
About How Your Business Identity Impacts Your Success

How To Have A Brand You Are Proud Of

Are you an entrepreneur that knows your brand doesn’t truly represent you? Is your current logo clearly not an intuitive graphic design that accurately portrays what you are about? Do you keep attracting clients that drain you or don’t want to pay you what you know you’re worth.

If your business identity was designed years ago, or if you’re using cookie-cutter graphics that don’t communicate your distinctive style, you are making it hard for your ideal clients to find and hire you!

Maybe you’ve tried to have your ideas created by an artist but what was produced didn’t even come close to your original vision. You can’t expect potential clients to resonate with who you are if you’ve got a weak design. Or, worse, one that mis-represents you.

The Truth About Your Brand Identity

The success of your business is directly related to your ability to attract the kinds of clients you want to work with. Clients who will appreciate you, collaborate with you and pay you on time!

Even though you are an individual, and your business is unique, there is a strong likelihood that unless you’ve invested in custom graphics your business is suffering some form of branding identity crisis. There is no other individual just like you. No other business just like yours. Your images need to look like you. Your branding must capture and vibrantly communicate the uniqueness of your product or business. It must compel people to contact you immediately.

The Secret of Branding Success – A Great Design

HI, I’m Dena McKitrick, owner and chief creator at Artist Joyful. I am a seasoned artist with over three decades of intuitive graphic design experience. I know how to give individuals and businesses brands that they are thrilled with. Ones that convert potential clients into actual ones.

Here you will find superb intuitive graphic design and authentically original illustration created to fit your specific needs and vision.

I am a versatile fine artist with an uncanny ability to intuit your vision. I make my decades of experience and creativity available to you. We collaborate together in creating the visual look and feel of your business.

Success Requires Quality Design

I deliver high-caliber graphics and pristine illustrations. A powerful identity re-vitalizes your sales, and grows your business. If you are a creative entrepreneur or small business owner who understand the importance of attracting the right kind of clients, I would love to talk with you. If you want your business to have a strong and instantly recognizable presence, you need intuitive graphic design, and you have come to the right place to get it.


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