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What is Women’s Wisdom Circle?


Women’s Wisdom Circle is a Spirit-inspired spontaneously created project dedicated to serving the highest good and expanding consciousness by uplifting the individual through gatherings in sacred space within our community of interwoven circles.

Each woman is encouraged to discover the Wise Woman within herself, and then nurture, expand, develop and sustain that personal wisdom connection through her own spiritual path, ritual, ceremony, and other intuitively inspired practices. In the circle each woman can discover her own truth through an experiential honoring of that truth.

We walk the circle of the year by meeting in sacred space once a month, sharing ceremony, teachings and medicine tools that we have experienced. Every woman is asked to participate and share of herself, as a means of expanding her personal understanding and growth.

On the solstices and equinoxes of the year, after the first winter solstice celebration in December of 2006, men and children were invited to participate in our ceremony in celebration of these special occasions, because we acknowledge that it is time for balance in all things, inner and outer. So far we have tentatively planned to build a sweat lodge in one location, and a medicine wheel/labyrinth in another for use during special sacred ceremonies.

The Women’s Wisdom Circle is for women of all ages. We do hope you will take the time for yourself, and honor us with your attendance. Our circle contains and is connected through each of us to many circles which are connected out into infinity.


Each of us, no matter our physical age, has that wise place, the “Inner Crone”, within us, ready to advise us over the threshold into the most intimate sacred space where our wisdom resides.


Women’s Wisdom Circle was started by Sonya Snow and Dena McKitrick, the initial co-leaders of the Circle. They were strongly urged by Spirit to create a women’s ceremonial circle where they could teach those that had approached them for learning, in an experiential way. They began the circle by first doing a commitment ceremony with Sacred Fire. They stood in a Medicine Wheel around Sacred Fire to ask for guidance as they declared their commitment to be of service to the highest good and to the women that would be attending the meetings. It was pouring rain so they sang the fire alive. Then Grandmother Spider, in the form of a delicate white spider, completely circled the fire pit and crawled back out, signaling that this was indeed the “right thing to do.” They never dreamed that Spirit would bring so many to the circle, that so many women were ready for the sacred ceremony and ritual of the Wisdom Circle. The circle consists of all women that feel the call to participate. As time goes along, we will have pictures and stories from those women, as they see fit to share them.

We begin with the Grandmothers — those women who stepped up the first gathering of this circle (Winter solstice of 2006) to hold the energy of the 4 directions. Both Sonya and Dena were trained in traditions that start always, or enter in the East. Even so, when we did our first intention setting ceremony, we were prompted to enter this circle in the North. It quickly became clear that for this circle that it is all about Crone energy and the wisdomkeepers that we were to enter in the North. So it is in the place of the storytellers that we begin our introductions.