A Series of Color Pencil Drawings

My first color pencil drawing series was the “Feelings” series. It was all done in Prismacolor pencil and graphite. I had decided to play with a technique of layering the Prismacolor pencils with texturing layers of hard graphite. I had read about this way of working with pencils in a magazine. At the same time, I was deeply involved in the experience of going through an emotional awakening.

I discovered right away that as I leaned into the physicality of the process, this was to be a guided series. I would start off with some pre-conceived ideas about what I was going to draw. Then, as I pulled up each new piece of clean paper, I would see what I was to draw on the paper.

“Oh, alright!,”  I’d exclaim, “I’ll do it, but I get to do what I want to next time.”

That “next time” never happened. I was compelled to work on this series for several years. I produced drawings that expressed all of the emotions that I was awakening to during that time. Due to this visceral process, these images have an archetypal feel to them.