Art and Creativity Teacher

Living part of my mission as a catalyst for change requires me to make myself available on a limited basis as a mentor teacher of art and/or creativity. I specialize in helping students tap into their creative expression through emotional and technical exploration of the visual arts. I am particularly adept at teaching skills of drawing, pencil, pen, watercolor, colored pencil, mixed media, acrylic painting, both 2D and 3D mixed media. As a community college-level credentialed art teacher, I have taught art and creativity off and on for over 30 years in both school and community settings. I have taught at community colleges, public and private schools, community centers, hospitals, correctional facilities and small public classes.

As well as teaching art skills, though, I guide individuals through the blossoming of their own creative expression. To me, it’s not just being a teacher of rote skills that matters. Art is the culmination of a spiritual seeking. A sacred act, it provides a doorway into the sublime. This journey, guided by the heart, is one of catharsis and deepening. Recently, I taught a series of cathartic art classes for NCADD, including: “Healing the Inner Child dolls,” “Art Journal through the 12 Steps with altered books”, “God Box birdhouses,” and “Masks we show the world.” I am always about instigating inner empowerment, creative development, and most of all JOY.


Current Class Offerings

Last summer, I co-taught a series of introductory samplers with Laurie Lee at Stellar Studios. They were a series of a variety single make-and-take projects designed so that one could take a single class or dabble in different media by taking them all. Recently, I have had some requests for a couple classes. I’m thinking, perhaps this spring. I’m open to the idea. In the meantime, I am always open to private or semi-private lessons.