Art and Creativity Teacher

Being a natural catalyst for change, I make myself available (on a very limited basis these days) as a mentor/teacher of art, and/or creativity. I am particularly adept at teaching art skills of drawing, pencil, pen, watercolor, colored pencil, mixed media, acrylic painting, both 2D and 3D mixed media. As a community college-level credentialed art teacher, I have taught art and creativity off and on for over 30 years in both school and community settings. I taught at community colleges, public and private schools, community centers, hospitals, correctional facilities and small public classes. 

As well as teaching art skills, though, I guide individuals through the blossoming of their own creative expression. At times, I have specialized in helping students tap into their creative expression through emotional as well as the technical exploration of the visual arts. To me, it’s not just the development of rote skills that matters. In my experience art has been the culmination of a spiritual seeking. A sacred act, it provides a doorway into the sublime. This journey, guided by the heart, is one of catharsis and deepening. Not too long ago, I taught a series of cathartic art classes for a substance abuse recovery agency, including: “Healing the Inner Child dolls,” “Art Journal through the 12 Steps with altered books”, “God Box birdhouses,” and “Masks we show the world.”

I am always about instigating inner empowerment, creative development, and most of all JOY. 


Current Class Offerings

These days my schedule feels more and more filled up, however, given the opportunity to connect and teach or advise an individual or small group, by request, I may be willing to shift my priorities. Ask.


Other Activations/Teachings/Coaching