I’m Dena


Many years ago, I had an epiphany that changed my outlook in life from that of a victim to one of an individual empowered by choice. Even though I had suffered plenty of evidence of victimhood throughout childhood and beyond, I knew deep inside somewhere that I was being guided to the highest good. It was a significant light bulb moment  when I realized that I could choose how guidance would show up for me. Because guidance only got more painful when I fought it, I decided to start praying for guidance to show up as joy in my heart, so that I would easily recognize it. It felt joyous even saying it.

I have found since that the more I follow guidance, the more I say yes! to my joyous “intuition,” the more I experience joy in life. For me, creative expression is a most joyous experience; a constantly expanding adventure that I feel compelled to include in my daily life.

For many years, I have stated that my mission is “To act as a catalyst for growth and healing by following guidance and being of service.” Recently, I have come to a deeper understanding about what I am here to do, yet there remains a grain of truth to this initial statement. The statement itself acts like a seed, the irritation point in the oyster that causes the treasure in life.

I offer here on this website seeds of joy and peace. I share these works as blessings, each intentionally created in blissful present moments, to the power of joy. It is my hope that these images may catalyze growth and/or healing for you, if that is what you seek.



Dena McKitrick 2021
The Mask (detail)


Where do the images come from? Many of my images contain faces or eyes. The reason is simple – everywhere I look, I see faces. I also see an interconnected similarity between the micro and macro worlds, the atoms and the galaxies, interior emotional reality and exterior reality. I am inspired by the peaceful order of that perception.


Following joy, I often play with different mediums. Each new media is informed by previous interactions and techniques. For example, when I started painting with transparent acrylics on canvas, I began by using what I had learned from years of painting watercolor on paper. No matter what the media, the techniques and the esthetic dovetail.


• M.A. in Fine Art (Sculpture, actually)
• Numerous exhibits in pop-up shows, galleries, museums, and coffee shops through the years.
• Taught art and creativity at colleges, in private, for arts councils and in schools (K-12)
• Multi creative pursuits include: drawing, painting, sculpture, glass, poetry, singer/songwriter, dancer.