Illustration in Various Media

Have you been searching for someone to create your perfect Illustration?

Most times We Do Judge a Book By It’s Cover

On the hunt for quality, yet affordable, book cover illustrators? When it comes time to self publish, it can be daunting to find the right person to illustrate your book. You want your book cover to convey your story, in the style that you visualize AND that will present your book to the world as appealing in the marketplace. And you most likely don’t want to hock the family treasure to get it that way either.

It can be difficult to find the artist that will produce your vision, and even more challenging to find an illustrator that will intuit the creation of what you would want if only you could clearly see it. There are few book cover illustrators in the upper echelons of publishing that work from that focus. Usually, in the regular publishing industry, the publisher typically uses in-house designers to create a marketable cover. Either the publisher or the designer will determine who will create any necessary illustration.

For example, I worked as a designer for a national audiobook publisher called Audio Partners for several years. While I was there, I designed over 200 covers for them. As well as being the in-house designer, I did a majority of the illustrations for most of the titles requiring any custom images (I illustrated all of the covers on this page). Before I began on each project, I listened to each book and immersed myself in the feel of the storyline. Each author had a different voice and I reflected that with a different look. Still, I did not talk with the author and ask them what vision they would have for the cover, as that was not part of my job.

When you self publish, you have the opportunity to make use of the skills and talents of freelance book cover illustrators as well as those that your POD or other self-publishing company provides or recommends. Where do you go to find that perfect artist that will resonate with what you have to say? I think it is most important that you find someone with more than enough skill to render the image you seek in a compelling way that appeals to your audience.

I offer you those kind of skills in a wide variety of media and styles, from vector-built or photo-shopped montage through all the traditional fine art media, and from a more nostalgic look to clean and modern. When you are ready to self publish, and you have perused book cover illustrators, call me to get the images and cover that you seek.