Artist Trivia

The assignment was: “In a very short while, follow the train of thought as you list 25 things about yourself that people may not know.” My list kept growing as I waited for others to complete theirs. My list:

  1. I crack myself up. Many times I think of myself as the best slapstick comedy I’ve observed. I love sharing humor with others.
  2. I have many specialized skills which have proved to be not particularly helpful in my life.
  3. I’ve known and forgotten more about some topics, than many experts have ever come to know.
  4. I  participated in traditional sweat lodge at least once a month for 14 years.
  5. I was an English honors major for the first 3 years of college.
  6. For several years (11+) I wrote a poem virtually every day.
  7. I’ve lived for at least a season (each) in a tent, on a gold mine, in a lean to, traveling in a motorhome, and in a mansion.
  8. I really know my way around a pencil (or a pen, or a paintbrush).
  9. I am in the process of writing 5 books.
  10. I care about you, a lot.
  11. I love to play scrabble.
  12. I traveled Europe and Britain by myself with all of my possessions in my backpack.
  13. My family built a log cabin and we lived for 4 years without water or electricity, and many more years after we added those luxuries.
  14. I attended several one room and two room schools.
  15. My only shoes in the 7th grade were a pair of cowboy boots.
  16. I love to dance.
  17. I’ve chased flying saucers on foot.
  18.  I camped in a tent on the Nevada test site.
  19. I love to awaken your creativity.
  20. I moved the Beatles piano from the Cow Palace.
  21. I learned to drive when I was 12. My first car was a renault and the second was a Hillman. I drove semi’s before I had a license.
  22. I led a Women’s ceremonial circle for 4 years, and continue to lead community ceremonies quarterly.
  23. I sang Carmina Burana for the Sacramento Ballet. (In the choir-twice)
  24. I’ve blown my conch shell in all of the oldest churches in Sacramento.
  25. I’m quite adept at stone readings.
  26. My masters degree is in Sculpture. It could have been drawing, printmaking, or photography.
  27. I am a Peace Keeper. I hold peace in my heart for my tribe which is you and every other living being on this planet.
  28. I have frequently shown up in life as a walking time warp.
  29. I flunked ballet, yet belly danced professionally.
  30. I am an empathetic and intuitive listener.
  31. I love a good laugh, and I love a good cry.
  32. I have been a raw foodist.
  33. I can knit, but not purl.
  34. I am curious about most everything.
  35. My sign is Neon.
  36. I prefer barefoot.
  37. I am on a mission… Ask me about it.
What a good day to be alive!

What a good day to be alive!