Cracks of Gold

Cracks of Gold

We finished filing our taxes last night. Another efforted race to the finish line, jabbed right in the middle of this new start on which I am embarking (Inner Spirit Portraits).

I feel cracked open. I feel tender, fragile and strong. I wrote recently in the Daily Napkin of the Japanese practice of Kintsugi: the practice of mending broken pots or other ceramics with gold. The pots become even more precious for their cracks of gold.

I believe it is also true of us humans. Our broken places, healed, make us strong, life ever more precious.

Every time I step out into the unknown, my heart cracks open. It’s not comfortable, still it lets the light shine through. I’m really excited to be moving more into doing that which I am guided to do. And afraid too. Even when I know I’ll be mended by bright golden light, I wince for at least the tiniest moment, in anticipation of  the crackle and pop as my being experiences spiritual stretch marks.


The Experience

Oh, it moved me
her song in earnestness
Yes, it moved me
It stirred me in my depths
clapping and dancing
we rose to celebrate
as it moved us
and the Song renewed our faith
Piano man
his fingers dancing
he was playing out Spirit
through the keyboard
and his heart
• • • 
hearts expanding wide
We each sharing our Spirit
individuals in community
a conscious community of Love
Dead Flowers

Dead Flowers

Spirit’s Grace

The last of the candycane camelias still languish on my table. They are as beautiful now as when first picked, in a way that stirs the deepest crevices of my heart. I have not found it necessary to send them off to compost yet. I do so appreciate all of the beauty in this life.

Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph

Spirit of the Woods

In the cave
hidden on the cliffside
Rockfall and rubble
bushes and grasses all around
In that silent solitary place
near the river of my life
I sat in communication
with the bugs and animals
And became more connected
more at one
with the earth in the walls

and through the rock on which I sat
silently in peace…*

*from the Daily Napkin

Gentle Greeting

Once a stick-bug
showed up on my screen door
It was startling to realize
this odd twig was alive
I felt fear
Yet, the stick-bug still greeted me
in his gentle stick-bug way
The Spirit in me
honors the Spirit in all living beings