We finished filing our taxes last night. Another efforted race to the finish line, jabbed right in the middle of this new start on which I am embarking (Inner Spirit Portraits).

I feel cracked open. I feel tender, fragile and strong. I wrote recently in the Daily Napkin of the Japanese practice of Kintsugi: the practice of mending broken pots or other ceramics with gold. The pots become even more precious for their cracks of gold.

I believe it is also true of us humans. Our broken places, healed, make us strong, life ever more precious.

Every time I step out into the unknown, my heart cracks open. It’s not comfortable, still it lets the light shine through. I’m really excited to be moving more into doing that which I am guided to do. And afraid too. Even when I know I’ll be mended by bright golden light, I wince for at least the tiniest moment, in anticipation of  the crackle and pop as my being experiences spiritual stretch marks.