Lady in Red

Lady in Red

The Lady in Red

The Lady in Red Jacket is another inner spirit portrait, unsolicited. She didn’t wish to sit for her portrait. She’s busy emerging… Words appeared as I was painting. I inscribed some of them on the sides of the canvas:

As she emerged from the new dawning
of the sunlight of her spirit, she became aware
of her connection to her highest good,
whereupon she leaned into her spine
and stepped out into the wonderously new version
of her same life in her power,
with confidence and wonder,
joy driven, alive, awake and ready…




I love it when I get to play, letting my imagination fly, letting images and words interact, fed by the muses, joined together in a fusion of moments of fancy. I love blessings. I love the blessings that arise in my heart when epiphanies embark on a road less traveled where even my simplest inspired impulses are safe to tread.

Fierce Joy

The intensity of inspiration
rides on the bobbing heels
of fierce joy

Tumbles off lips with abandon

bursts into existence

before any loquacious editorial


Though any attempt
failed at capping the stream of it

Still, hearts all around
could not help rejoicing

In the pools and eddies
of residual epiphanies


The frumpy lady in her nightgown
And cow horns on her head
Inspired strength and fortitude
Upon herself
As if plastering walls
Or shoring up foundations
With the delicacy of a rhino
Self-talk became a blur
Of mantric phrases gone senseless
Beginning with “You will”
And the ever present “You are”
Until cooked together for hours
Into a sticky tar-like substance
Silence, peace, joy, bliss even
Are welcomed here, whenever they arrive


Spontaneous inspiration overtook
the overlooked corners of our psyche
awakening the inner jukebox
There’s a lightness to the step
of the person who is kept
on toes of celebration
of joyous conversation