Contaminated by the Love Bug
their tactics were incorrigible
unpredictable and unstoppable
It was as if they were driven
by a superhuman power
Bouts of uncommon compassion
tainted thoroughly by wave after wave
of unconditional love
spreading virally
The fresh outbreak took on
pandemic proportions
leaving them all in a state
of overwhelming bliss

Bursting Forth

Like the ruby-tipped tulip
or bursting fireworks
you burst forth
from your center
A joyous explosion
of bliss Starseed bundle of light With each day may the light grow
We mentioned that we were nearing 1,000 Napkins a while back. Not all napkins have been typed, as there were several years of napkins before we started typing them. Still, there are a good number of napkins that have been typed, yet not posted. The number of napkins typed was nearing a thousand, and is now well over that mark. With this post we have eight more to release publicly to reach 1,000. We will post the thousandth napkin on January 1, 2015!

Potential Contemplation

Sitting on the shore of contemplation
he let the tsunami of love
wash over him

The look of bliss on his face
incredibly sweet…

One more time, he realized,
another moment appeared

Full of potential
for any kind of experience
he wished to have

• • •

*Note: Just to let you know what’s been happening with the Daily Napkin, Marshal fell off a ladder three Sundays ago and has not been going to work for the last two weeks while he recovers from his injuries. His healing is progressing quite well, thank you, and he will most likely be returning to work next week. In the meantime, we will fill in with some past Napkins that haven’t been posted before. Our apologies for two weeks of no posting and please enjoy.

Year 3

Year 3

In this moment
every bit of joy
is available
You can choose to Bliss out
at any time
Knowing that gives us more
hutzpahto play the game
Samadhi me

What Kind of Joy?

In my book, there’s joy and there’s JOY.

The first arises spontaneously out of doing something I enjoy: preparing raw food, hiking in the woods on a brilliant spring day, or creating custom illustrations for someone’s book. It’s a great feeling, and I encourage it as much as possible throughout my schedule. This kind of joy can also come from a particular situation I find myself in, like being lauded by friends, getting the opportunity to truly serve someone, or coming upon a field of gorgeous flowers. This is circumstantial joy.

JOY, on the other hand is direct from Spirit. It matters not what the circumstance, JOY keeps bubbling up. I see it as an artesian well, constantly bubbling over into every experience I have – “good” or “bad”. This is a gift from God, letting me know that I am indeed doing diligence, paying attention enough to maintain conscious connection. Once I opened to True Source I was flooded with it. There is nothing else as sweet, except when, like two hands connected by the heart I experience both joy and JOY together. Ah! Now that is another word: BLISS.

May all of your days contain extensive moments of Bliss!