In my book, there’s joy and there’s JOY.

The first arises spontaneously out of doing something I enjoy: preparing raw food, hiking in the woods on a brilliant spring day, or creating custom illustrations for someone’s book. It’s a great feeling, and I encourage it as much as possible throughout my schedule. This kind of joy can also come from a particular situation I find myself in, like being lauded by friends, getting the opportunity to truly serve someone, or coming upon a field of gorgeous flowers. This is circumstantial joy.

JOY, on the other hand is direct from Spirit. It matters not what the circumstance, JOY keeps bubbling up. I see it as an artesian well, constantly bubbling over into every experience I have – “good” or “bad”. This is a gift from God, letting me know that I am indeed doing diligence, paying attention enough to maintain conscious connection. Once I opened to True Source I was flooded with it. There is nothing else as sweet, except when, like two hands connected by the heart I experience both joy and JOY together. Ah! Now that is another word: BLISS.

May all of your days contain extensive moments of Bliss!