Over the years I’ve learned that there is no end to ideas. They just keep appearing in the thoughts. I used to think that I had to act on every one of them. I drove myself crazy for years, thinking that I was somehow shorting someone if I didn’t play out every single good idea I had. Sheesh!

I’ve finally come to realize (slooooooooowly) that just like every thing else in nature there is lavish abundance of everything that is a gift from the True Source. The apple tree is not faulted for producing more apples than get consumed by folk and wormy, furred or flying ones. The beach is not somehow at fault for hosting all those grains of sand. I am ok when I don’t act on all my ideas, and it is natural that I have many of them.

When I am creating for a custom creative job of some kind (art, illustration, graphic design, web design, etc), I am always gifted more than one idea. It has been my challenge to reduce the number of choices, because people seem to be overwhelmed by too many of them.

Today my job is one of a simple kind of creativity: I am doing a calligraphy assignment – hand addressing 130+ envelopes. This is more time consuming than I ever imagine. I don’t have to come up with too many ideas for it though.

Tomorrow my job may just be coming up with more ideas!