Discovering Your Well of Prosperity

Are you looking to find your prosperity at the well of inspiration, awaken to your creative self, hear guidance and live a joy-based life? Me too! I have ever been motivated by the Divine longing. Whether you have felt the same ever present pull, or are just waking up to it, I invite you to join me. Let’s journey together on the path of heart and divine In-Spiritedness.

We are each blessed with incredible prosperity. How do you express that inspired urge to create? I’m here to help you discover your inner power as you connect with the sacred and discover the wonder of free-flowing creativity.

A Wealth of Spiritual Inspiration

I feel that Spirit has blessed me with incredible prosperity. I am a multi-disciplined artist that just loves to create things. My husband calls me a maker, because I am constantly creating new stuff, having new ideas, and lighting up some corner of my psyche with some new epiphany. Exercising my creativity muscle is what gives me juice. I am energized by the whole process. Creating and then sharing the creations is the living expression of my purpose:

“I am a catalyst for healing, growth and change by providing a clear channel

for Divine Spirit’s creative expression, as guided by the power of joy.”

You can see a lot of my artwork here, both as fine art for sale, and as an archive of past pieces. Much of my artwork seems to tell a story, so I’ve naturally been enlisted to illustrate books, stories, fliers and concepts. I’ve taken that natural bent further to develop graphic art skills. You can see examples at I have developed a line of greeting cards called Serenity Cards™. You can find some of my “Serenity Cards™- celebrating life and recovery, one card at a time™” at

I am a poet. For years, I wrote a daily – well, pretty much daily – poetry blog called The Daily Napkin. I know that’s an odd name, but there’s a story behind it, which I do explain on the blog. Poetry expanded into song-writing, as I love to sing and play my ukelele. You can hear samples of that too.

Sharing Prosperity by Being of Service

I love to be of service. One way that I am of service is passing on what knowledge and skills I’ve been gifted. As a teaching artist, both privately, through non-profits, colleges, schools and SMAC (Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Council) I have taught creativity, 2D and 3D art. I have also led a series of events or classes in a variety of other related subject areas, including: Stone Reading, Celebrating the year through ceremony, Toning, and Artworking the 12 Steps – a Cathartic process. Because I am busy doing my own work, I limit time devoted to teaching, however, I find that it is time well spent for both teacher and students. Therefore, I offer occasional workshops.

Giveaway – An Expression of Prosperity

I believe in giveaway as a full expression of gratitude and prosperity, so I want to give you a gift from my heart. Please feel free to download and print any or all of the card designs below, to share with your friends or loved ones. I hope they bring you and yours joy.

Free Cards to Print

Mixed media painting represents Fine Art and Illustration

Fine Art & Illustration

An eclectic artist, Dena has inspired vision and a style evidenced in all her expressions.

Inner Spirit Portraits

Inner Spirit Portraits

Visually captured essence of your spirit, helps you align with your spirituality, and your soul’s true path..

Stones of Change readings

Stones of Change

Stones cast into the medicine wheel give insights into your life. Make informed choices to re-create your life.

Women's Wisdom - crone event

Workshops & Coaching

Workshops, classes, & private coaching: find out your purpose, & expand your creative expression.