Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian ShirtHe wore a Hawaiian shirt…

Lest all be time-fogged
and muddled in verbiage
let truth shine its’ rayon me…
“I never owned a Hawaiian shirt,” he said

• • •

This is a portrait of my Dad. He always swore that he had never owned a Hawaiian shirt. Then I found this old photo of him sporting this wild Hawaiian shirt, his can of beer in hand.

This piece was one of the 5mm pencil series that I did on 19×24 Bristol back in the 1980’s. When first I began a piece in this series, I started with a couple reference points for where the figure would go. Then, I started spontaneously drawing to completion in the upper left hand corner, drawing down to the right, not going back to rework, as the supersoft leads have a natural tendency to smear.

Following what appeared in my mind’s eye as I drew out from there. I completed each section the same way as I began, never going back to re-work any part. Each piece was a journey of discovery.