How do you create a flyer or brochure design that says it all in such a way that they will want to read it all? Simple – it is your design that will carry your message. Even before they read a single word, the look of your flyer has to attract the eye.

In this day and age everyone is vying for people’s attention, so this job demands quality design based on effective design principles as well as that extra pizazz that peaks their interest. Color, line, flow, balance, and copy all need work together in a cohesive way.

Suppose you have a lot of information that you wish to convey, and only the space of an 8½”x11″ piece of paper to do it. The design will determine if that information is read or not. You need a brochure design that packs a punch. If it’s not up to par, you may as well be throwing your print money out the window.

Most any secretary can pull up Publisher and whip out a little flyer for the company picnic or Uncle Joe’s suprise birthday party. It’s a captive audience, and the people are already interested. It’s a whole different project, though, when you go to create a flyer that represents the business or the product to prospective customers. Now, suddenly, the anti is upped. A professionally designed brochure can pack a punch in minimum space, while an ill-fitting flyer could actually hurt business.

When you go to create a flyer, space is an important commodity. Usually a good starting point is to rely on the concept that the more whitespace the better. It is important that someone feels they have room to breathe. It’s a tricky balance getting the necessary information on there, while still providing the eye with an easy and inviting path to follow.

Create a flyer that conveys your purpose…

Are you Attracting the right customers ?

You want the customers that want what you’ve got. You want to attract your ideal customers – those that absolutely love what you have to offer. Making the style match the theme or purpose is critical, as is keeping the branding intact. Beyond all of those mechanicals though is the meat of the matter. What is the mission of the company? Is that being conveyed?

In my mind, when you go to create a flyer or a brochure design for your business, it is my job as a graphic designer to introduce you to your ideal customers in such a way that they immediately recognize, “AH, I have found what I was looking for!”