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Custom Logos, Branding, and Custom Logo Design

 How Important is a Custom Logo Design?


There are a lot of opinions out there about what branding is and how it relates to your logo design. The experts do seem to agree about one thing, however, and that is that branding is your identity in the marketplace.

Your brand and the successful logo design at the core of your visual representation of that brand arise out of who your business is, what your business is about, how your business operates, and the experience your clients/customers will have when they interact with your business.

There is a lot resting on the “shoulders” of your logo. It must be strong to carry this load with success.

The Right way and the Wrong way to brand

Why do Successful logos succeed?

You can tell that your logo is really doing it’s job when it is instantly obvious what your business is about. In many circumstances, you only have seconds to attract the interest of your potential customer, so your logo design needs to act as a visual distillation of all that your business is.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a logo can be worth a thousand clients. It speaks volumes about your company in the blink of an eye. It is a cornerstone of all of your visual collateral, and the foundation of the look of your branding, for every other piece is designed around your logo.

How to develop and maintain your professional logo

Some people are idea people. They simply ooze creative entrepreneurial thoughts. Others may have only a vague notion of how to convey their solid business concept. Whatever kind of business person you are, your business requires the services of a professional graphic artist to develop the signature logo which will capture the personality of your singular enterprise.

Success is loving what you do, and being prosperous at it. It is a major achievement when your flourishing business reflects your passion in life. Success can be hinged on your willingness to use an expert for those things you and your employees are not necessarily skilled at, especially a task as critical as designing your logo.

Your logo must carry your message and look good doing it on your website, your business card, and on a 50′ billboard. That requires an original vector source file that can be sized to fit any format and still retain the exact line and detail whether shrunk to tiny, or expanded to huge. Then files appropriate for each application – whether for print, the web or billboard can be created from that.

Sometimes a business will get the exact logo they seek. Somewhere along the line the original gets lost, someone re-sizes the image to use somewhere and accidentally saves it over the only electronic file you have of it. Maybe the original artist moved away to Borneo and you have no way of contacting them. That logo needs cleaning up and restoration if not replacement. Make sure that the artist that cleans it up knows what they are doing with logo design and provides you with a new vector image of it for all your branding needs.

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