Business Card Design

 Why 50% Of Small Businesses Fail In Their First Two Years

If you are an entrepreneur who hasn’t yet invested the time and money to have quality business cards designed, you are losing potential customers. And the income that goes with them. It is essential to make a vivid impression every time you market your company. When meeting potential clients, your business card and your face are what most people remember.

What works? A card that is striking. One that creatively communicates who you are. And what you offer.  One that makes them smile, or sigh or nod their head.

Imagine having a business card design that:

  1. Creates a desire in people  to connect with you and get to know you better
  2. Shows that you are clear about your mission
  3. Communicates that you intend to be around for years to come
  4. Inspires confidence in your services and your ability to deliver them
  5. Demonstrates your knowledge of who needs you and why YOU can solve their problem card that

How To Motivate A Potential Client To Contact You

A superb business card design can represent you just as a perfectly coordinated outfit does. It shows thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and an eye to creativity. It works best if it clearly expresses your personality and purpose. A polished presentation speaks volumes about your professionalism.There’s a natural pride that comes with looking your best. Beyond that, there is the solid thrill that accompanies looking good from your inside out. Looking good because you are you – all of you at your best, shining out your authentic self to the world with your creative business cards.

When you’re business materials represent you this way, people will remember you. They will contact you and they will take your calls of return them. You’ve turned from a cold prospect to a warm one. This makes your job so much easier.


When Business Owners Need To Increase Visibility & Credibility

They Hire An Expert To Get The Job Done

Even in this new world of digital media, printed business collateral still plays a vital role in our initial exchanges with potential clients. In fact, it’s even more important to help you stand out from the crowd. A stock piece of clip art stuck on a poorly laid out card is just not going to get the job done in today’s marketplace.

I LOVE my card – I resonate with it. It shouts out to the world what I do, in a beautiful way. I’ve spent decades providing creative business cards for business owners. If you’re ready for a business card makeover, I would love to do it for you.


Smart Business Card Design is a cornerstone of successful Promotions