Sacred Wheel

Fruit flies are the vultures
of the insect world
keeping the cycle turning
Every part of the wheel
is sacred…
Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

The Wheel…

It turns and turns
spinning threads of Spirit
for the tapestry of Life
We weave our lives
with each decision
Create patterns with family
in warp and woof
friends add color and strength
Spinning wheel
turning me
Make me a strong thread
in their tapestry
Seasons Turn

Seasons Turn

circle of life ever turning
seasons turn
my heart ever yearning
seeking truth

in beauty and balance
on the cusp of the wheel

gratitude fills me up
overflowing with abundance
the bounty of harvest
the gift of life

Wheel of Life

The wheel of Life
while fully engaged
turns round and round
and again…
Inspiration (epiphany)
Instigation (footwork)
Integration (new habit)
Celebration (gratitude)


Like spokes on a wheel

We are each integral

To the circle of Life

Spinning toward our destiny

Each adding strength

Doing our individual part

To keep the wheel round

I used to be bent

The support of those around me

And the force of the spin

Have straightened me out..