Our dreams, our vision
is Great Mystery
whispering our name
You are being quietly called…

Canopy of Leaves

The canopy of shivering leaves
danced the light across her face

Waking up dreams of soft spring days
followed by warm summer nights
magical in their own way

Now culminating in whispered wisdom
each day shorter than the last
punctuated by bright and rusty hues

Soon the days of stark sleepiness
will hitch a ride on the coat tails
grounded fringes of color

Light askance and limpid
cleared of fluttering distractions

Hopeful Kites

Pitching our dreams
to the winds o’er the cliffs
Above the valley
of the unknown
They fluttered and flapped
as they fell into the updraft
Our hopeful strings attached
they rose like colorful kites
on the warm breezes
of our breath
Glistening, sparkling in the sunlight
glowing like helium balloons
in the night

Structure of Eclectic Joy

The festive colors mixed
waving like flags
awakened visual excitement
Layers of green and multi-flowers
stacked and interspersed
as if dozens of gypsy wagons
were somehow captured and coagulated
into one riotous and celebratory
structure of eclectic joy
• • •
I stood there enraptured
certain I had ascended

and unsure how to breathe

Soul’s Comfort

At the end of the last path
at the end of the last road

Overlooking pristine lake
with deer eyes blinking
at the sinking sun

There where coyote and hawk
owl, bear, and cougar
cavort and live lives
befitting their species

There on that wooded hill
above the lake of dreams
my soul finds comfort
in any given hour