Nuts to You (and to me)

The nut of it
The kernel of eternal truth
can be a bit tough
to get to 
through the shell

AH! But the meat is tasty!

Seeking Faith

It didn’t take a whole lot of effort
or even a moderate amount of thinking
to get to the edge of the cliff
the jumping-off spot
Where you’d like as not stop
to relish the fat fear
while seeking faith
in all the nooks and crannies
Where the words
could not prop you up
trepidating, vacillating
imitating courage
Until you were ready to leap
and lean on your wings

Truth Cuts Clean

“No secrets!” they declared
in a moment of lucid profundity
and the long term ramifications 
a thundering shock wave emanated
from self-important lips
blasting away hidden objections
with a flick of the intention
•  •  •
Truth cuts clean
wounds heal fast
when not allowed to fester
with speculated maybes and half lies


Old wisdom wise
may wear disguises
yet bears the same weight
of truth on its bones
It doesn’t age
words of a truth sage
there is no blame
no personality attached
Different faces
a variety of races
the truth shines true
and our bones recognize it

Funny Truth?

Isn’t it funny
how our minds think
we can do magic?
How we think
we can bend time
or travel instantaneously?
The even funnier part
is that we really can —
When we realize the truth
of our perceptions and being