extremes of this or that

A nother 

        time making the choice
        which feels cleanest, most natural

L oving 

         it all unconditionallly
         In harmony and forgiveness
         without judgement

A ligned 

         with intention
         for highest good

N urturing 

          acceptance and self-care

C entered 

          in Being, doing from center

E volving 

         with compassion and consciousness


Contaminated by the Love Bug
their tactics were incorrigible
unpredictable and unstoppable
It was as if they were driven
by a superhuman power
Bouts of uncommon compassion
tainted thoroughly by wave after wave
of unconditional love
spreading virally
The fresh outbreak took on
pandemic proportions
leaving them all in a state
of overwhelming bliss

Never Alone

There, on that rise,
do you see the little
teeny person jumping and waving?
Just trying to get the attention
and wanting love
“Alone” on the hill
Doesn’t realize
he’s never alone
that I always love him


One teeny weeny
little bitty
tiny nanosecond
contains it all!  (Everything…)
Yet, there is no container
large enough
to hold Spirit’s
love for all of creation


The star on your forehead
Shines brightest
When you are steeped in innocence
Or when you belly up to the playground
What makes you so special?
That’s easy!
You are a unique individual
Within the whole of Life
And, the Universe loves you beyond measure