Turtle moves slowly
(except when he moves fast)
And, in a persistent way,
gets where he’s going…
eyes on his goal
Take the time to
breathe in Gratitude
as the turtle
slowly plods across
the road

Sudden Verve

On the bank of the wide old river
where the elderberry and mugwort
wave to each other in the breezes
A plodding turtle family
came upon a band of musical crickets
prepping up for an evening concert
with verve
Happy turtles…

Turtle Medicine

In the face of adversity
Turtle pulled into her shell
into the place of safety
This is not a bad thing
it simply is…
just like turtle’s speed
Later, the same day
that turtle just stood up
on stilty legs
And started walking
on her journey
Alive and alert
to the gentle breeze
upon the face

Turtle Speed

A turtle on the road
kind of sloooow — ed
one car halted
to let her pass
others followed suit
each step honored
elder wisdom
One moment at a time
it was never the same
after that

Pond Mirror

On the rock that day
by the pool, so still
and alive in unseen depths,
the dragonflies rejoiced
in meadow and fertile air
Occasional plops and slurps
vibrated throught viscous silence
as there I saw my face
in that magic miror…
Without comment,
turtle slowly shuffled by…