Giveaway clean
the heart of service
center of abundance
before the receiving part
One fairly friendly
and, not so wild, wild turkey
tarried in the parking lot
Head tilted back
Casual, unhurried
Showing off his wattle
and nothing more
One feather dangling
The giveaway bird…

Mock Turkey

Mock turkey
hiding in the grass
As his wattle wiggles
‘neath white beard and red hat
Pretending to be
what he is not
Mocking the people
and their eating beliefs
that they were taught
Merry thanks to you…

Wild Turkeys

This time of year
the wild turkeys come to town
Gathered round
on lawns and in parking lots
Just being friendly
in a turkey kind of way
Look! There goes a flock now…
Did someone tell them
We’re not allowed to hunt in town?
Gobble, gobble…