A Foundation of Integrity

A promise kept, even to oneself
like steel girders
a strong skeleton makes
With flesh of love
and sinew of courage
how far a trek one can make
Traversing any sullen landscape
with passionate heart
and sustained encouragement
in perpetual motion
A Wave of Truth

A Wave of Truth

A wave of truth overcomes me

bubbling up with surges of joy

waving through my gut

altering all my understandings

• • •

How could I not be grateful?

I am awash in Love


Each day a prayer
A walking prayer for all
rising up through the bones
circulating in the blood
infilling my being
Creator, open our eyes
that we may see the truth
Open our ears
that we may hear the truth
Make our hearts strong
that we may walk in a good way
on the rough and rocky road
of truth on this planet

Reputation of Repetition

He expanded his philosophy
as they expounded on theories
The reputation of repetition
rose the bar on understanding
Etheric answers floated
midst fancy verbal construction
drifting up near the ceiling
of comprehended truth
Oh, the heady beauty of
bantered intellectual gardening

Nuts to You (and to me)

The nut of it
The kernel of eternal truth
can be a bit tough
to get to 
through the shell

AH! But the meat is tasty!