Bright Dream

The real thing
The truth shining through
Is obvious to the center
Where gut feelings are born
That clear truth
That speaks of everything
So apparent in anything
Shines light on the darkest corner
This bright dream
That wakes upon its dreaming
A beacon of hope’s veracity
Permeates each conscious hour

Note from Dena –  Ever since my mom passed away, in early March, I have been experiencing a catharsis through grief, which also interrupted the publishing of the Daily Napkin. I believe the mending of the  fabric of my life adds richness and depth to my creative expression, even though the process causes lapses in my daily practices. 

Energy in Motion

Emotion overtook
like an insistent force of Nature
Whipping the hair around
banging on pots and pans
in a blustery outburst

• • •

It would be work, they say
and so it is true
as the gut hurt
as emotions flew
And, afterwards, in the wake
as peace overcame
and all wiped clean
crisp after the blessed storm

Peace Troubadour

** Dedicated to Pete Seeger, Truth Warrior and Peace Seeker **
Ever and always the wise elder
the troubadour of peace
awoke freedom in our hearts
and brightness in our steps
Whirling in rhyme friendly
and weaving words of wisdom
he led multitudes
in a dance of dignity
Simple truth was his diet
Peace fell from his fingertips
and I know that he is flying now
elixir of courage upon his lips

Keep the Faith

He was one hum-dinger
And so was his song
And the winged one flew by
Silently in truth, knowing there was nothing wrong
“Keep the faith,” the birdie said
As ice fogged morning sprung to life
With every crisp footfall
And, he was aware, not afraid
In the quiet hours
Of his early morning moment


Body, mind, and soul
How I wish to be made whole
As I’m centered in the truth
Seeking the highest good
Shadow and gold, black and white
Masculine and Feminine
Happy and joyous, angry and fearful
all together, integrated, I am