The Boss of My Brain

I love this song. It wakes up my inner voices, and helps me remember the truth about my life. It reminds me who really makes all of my decisions – ownership of my actions is a good thing.

Silliness and the Dark Side of Joy

Silliness and the Dark Side of Joy

What’s half Poobah and half unicorn? It’s Cornpoon. The Poobahs over at Playing Around Workshops were commenting back and forth about the poohbah hats of Betty and Wilma Flinstone, and how they wanted hats like that.  I have a full set of horns, so I applied and was granted the honor of becoming an honorary Poobah. They discovered they only had one set of horns between them, and decided that they might be Poonicorns after all.  I suggested it was a Cornpoon instead. I found this old image from late yesterday to illustrate what (or who) exactly that is.

When I take silliness too far I slip into the dark side of joy, which, sort of like the dark side of the moon, is still joy nonetheless. Even after the sun goes down, I love dressing up, putting on a funny hat and howling at the moon.

I’m signed up to attend the Playing Around Workshops with Melissa and Kelly because I take Creative playtime seriously. The Muse demands it. It’s like vitamins for my creativity. I get quite dull minded when I don’t partake. So, I intend to seriously enjoy.