One of Countless First Steps

Opening to receive
an abundance of all good
is a service to everyone
As it clears the channels
of give and receive circulation
the lifeblood of thriving
The blossoming of a life’s path
the brilliance of epiphany
the miraculous unfolding
The current first step
on the journey of a lifetime


I surround myself with favorites
All that I relish
All that nourishes my spirit
All that empowers my strengths
I am filled with love
my heart embraced in sweetness
Joy overflows
loved ones all around
○ ○ ○
I release broken dreams
and old painful interpretations
of stories misunderstood
Opening to even more favorites
And, thus, I thrive


Tell me a story

Of herstory in balance

where all the heroes

are peaceful

and the lowly

are thriving in joy

Then let us work together

or, even better, play

to make this a reality story

for our children’s children’s children