Thoughts in Kind

With single-minded purpose
all things can be accomplished
In what purpose are you
investing your thoughts?


The record for the most words
written within 30 seconds
cannot be easily established 
generally speaking
• • •
Meanwhile, his thoughts took a turn
when he started using
his own internal shorthand


Tracing the edges of feelings
Elusive, they hide
 in the midst of
convenient thoughts
like finger drawn messages
on steamed up glass…

A Twig for Your Thoughts

Pick a twig
off a lavender bush
Pull off the bottom leaves
and stick it in the earth
It grows…
What if we were like that?
our thoughts are!

Growing Thought

One itsy bitsy
teeny weeny
little bitty thought
Doesn’t change much
‘til it grows up
Or catches onto
the bootstrap
of some powerful emotion

then WATCH OUT!!!