Establish a habit – 30 days
Re-establish a habit – 30 days
(No wonder most months have 30 days)
and again
and over again
with the tenacity of bulldog
Stuck in beginner’s mind
intending habit

Tricky Coyote

Coyote gets a bad rap…
He’s just excited about everything
The only one he really tricks
is himself
Then when he falls
he gets up again
dusts himself off
and takes off again
Like Don Quixote
or dandelions or cockroaches…
Bull doggin’

Bull doggin’

Bull doggin’ life
and chewing on the gristle
With a tenacity and focus
on ingesting every juicy bit
With the huff’n puffery
only the outward appearance
His heart beat strong
and kind…


He grew like ivy
wild and tenacious
Ever seeking the way
over or around
the fences of his life
Ever popping up anew
in barren spots
and even those occupied by others
With fresh new tendrils
of growth and creativity