Soul Essence

The sweet, sweet aroma
permeates everything
manna for the soul
Essence of heaven on earth
reminder of the sublime
Grace of nature’s flourish
In any of God’s gardens
The aroma soaks in
through every pore
tickles the subtle body
Softening, softening…

Open Arms

When the hair on my neck
stands straight
I open my arms
shine the love
and breathe
Mmm… the sweetness
of Spirit flowing through
Then I look into the heart 
of that little one inside
How could you feel
anything but love
for this child?

Silence of the Squirrel

Baby squirrel
all sweet and soft looking
sat on his favorite branch
Washing face with
the backs of his paws
thoroughly involved in the task
Then, stillness overcame
his every fiber
Looking sideways at that big person
there in the kitchen window
In a flash, he was gone!

Well of Life

Once inside the mind
of every human
the paths are tricky
and somewhat convoluted

Yet there is an aura
a sweet, sweet smell
that reminisces of the long, cool drink
at the Well of Life…

Pedal Pushing

Pedal Pushing

As muscles flex
and stretch to push
the pedals and my face
into the wind
The ache, the bite
awakens endorphins
and the rush helps push
further and further
Such sweet pain