Heart’s Courage

The machinist wept organically
having fallen from eagle’s grace
Bravado continues to control things
instead, fell on his face
• • •
It’s tough when you think
you know stuff and how
to put them all together
To instead allow release in surrender
letting God make it better
Vagueness of obstruction
an aspect of disconnect
Clarity of purpose hinged
on actions of the heart’s courage

True Faith

The perfect place…
the perfect time…
How can I see that?
How can I surrender
to the faith 
that that is true 
and take action
to change
• • •
The space between
your vision and what is right now
Is called Faith…
I have deep faith
that we all shall grow
that we are growing
in Spirit

Life Takes Over

Life just takes over
like a speeding car
with a stuck accelerator
And , then I breathe
Here is the apex moment
where the choice arises
Fight in fear and anger
or surrender to God
And, then I breathe
Centering in being and doing
what I am guided to do

And life takes over…

Peace with Surrender

I lift my eyes
to the pale blue skies
And with a big sigh
I let go of it all
Ahhh – such peace
comes with surrender

Blessed Surrender

He developed a fancy tool
It had flaps
like airplane wings
and very sophisticated mechanisms
all created for one purpose
Yet still it was very difficult
pushing the river
It was a blessed day
when it failed
and he surrendered