Once there was a story
a lovely, engaging little yarn
filled with drama
sadness and happiness
stress and peace
The retelling of this archival tale 
jogged memories
provoked feelings
held me hostage to the past

Until one day
and spiffed up 
I let it go
I forgot it…


She and I were twins once long ago
“two peas in a pod” – they said
meanwhile, clucking tongues
flapped about antics
We rode bears like horses
arms outstretched, faces alight
Rolled in the grasses and mugwort
plucking chamomile tops to bite
Until glistening hair washed in the creek
hung all akimbo and full
of bits and stems, flowers and blades
The winds were delighted, as they sang
our wild song in whispered shouts


So, once, the story
went one way, full of pain
and drama and woe
Then he decided
to make up a new past
and he created a masterpiece story
Suddenly, the sun got brighter
his footstep lightened
and the birds sang at his mirth…


All the souls upon the earth
We each are on our journey home
We tug and pull, laugh and cry
Together, we dance on our own
Tell me your story
I’ll tell you mine
Upon our journey
let’s all have a good time