Our Story

When I tell my story
there are parts
that you resonate with
And, as you tell yours,
I experience the same
As we dive deep into
into the stories
we discover it is
the same story
from a different angle
Our story…
a jewel, a many petaled lotus…

Organic Feelings

She tells her stories
With big engagement
Ensconced in the drama
Riding along the emotions
It’s so real
Until the day
Immersed in silence
The bliss overwhelming
Detachment was born
She tells the stories
As if, as if
Digging into the rich soil
Organic feelings
Harvested by wisdom’s hands
Tasty, juicy tomato tales

Exterior Decorating

Decorative phrases
fill the sensitive body
like paisley vines on the march
under skittish trees
Tickle the plains with herds
of words and topics broad
instigate emotional mobs
twisting concepts to fit the story
Art or craft capable
of painting hints of mystery
blatant lies lined up single file
or stamped portraits from broken molds
An abstract for
the logical mind

Sharing Stories

They loved to tell stories
and each loved to listen
And, so, their lives were full
Never a dull moment
Spirit loves you
now and always
So let’s keep sharing our stories

with each other…

Bag of Dreams

Stitched with threads
of memories and tall tales

And felted in hot waters
of anger and Life’s passions

My bag of dreams
in it’s jeweled beauteousness
contains implements of construction

Midst huddled debris of half baked ideas
and forgotten promises

Ready to start building!