Depth of Peace

There is a depth
beyond the ripples
still and caressing
And even when the tides
or ungracious storms
collide rambunctiously
The peace
below the surface pervades
Continues to envelope any
who descend there…

Catching the Breeze

Living on mountain tops
or frolicking on rooftops
Humans can catch
the breezes in their hair
More alive simply
because of placement
Ah, but the real trick
is catching the breezes
in the stillness of the quiet valleys

Still and Rich

A checkered box
covered with jewel-like beads

And full to within an inch
of emptiness, still and rich

Such is my day
such is my life

Such is the experience
when immersed
in love and gratitude

Morning for a Change

Morning for a Change

Oblique light of dawn

Tulip festooned branches
bejeweled with sparkling dew
Birds have been awake
for hours
Twittering and whistling
making their remarks
Still, my mind…
Full, my heart…