Summer of Squirrels

When squirrels play
the branches 
of the dancing trees
are fun highways
for hilarious capers
Ever dreamt of
being a flying squirrel?
Let’s play!
• • •
Meanwhile, you and the squirrels
conversing in the yard…
Now, there’s a happy thought!

Perfect Disguise

I wonder if that squirrel
out there on that branch
ever gets grumpy
If so, he’s hiding
in the perfect disguise
in all his cute squirrelliness
Maybe, if I’m totally me
I’ll appear playful and joyful
always, too…

Next Moment

Needing to make it
to the next marker of time
Engaged in the activity
of an illustrious hour
or something more mundane
Meanwhile,  squirrels play
in the shiny sunlight
Red tail there, sparkling
in a dazzled kind of way
(certainly, not a mean way)
Light quickly dappling
upon the windows of my soul
as I wind up tighter and tighter
in my rush to get to the next moment

Quiet Morning

Grey morning breezes
tickle leaves vibrating
Squirrels still hiding
sleepy heads
Brilliant blooms of yesterday
trying with all their glory
to awaken sunlight
or other colorful thoughts
All are waiting
Quiet morning…

Soul Food

Once through the knothole
the Sun shines brighter
the bird song is sweeter
The grass is greener
in my own yard
and all around
Like squirrel munching
on the fading magnolia blossoms
I’m dining on the soul food
The blossoms of my own new history
soaking up renewed light
awakened in the joyous heart