Birth Day

Birth Day

there is nothing more spiritual
infused with awe and gratitude
imbued with life’s luscious
essence of sacred breath
than entrance into this world
years ago in almost spring
with the innate aplomb
innocence and elemental grit
creation’s nature
you appeared yowling and kicking
a blessing bound forever in my heart
Today is my eldest daughter’s 37th birthday. Happy birthday!!


Moondancer – Dancing with the Moon

Moondancer – Dancing with the Moon



Standing in the pristine land
moondancer dances
where incessant nurturing

waves of grass
were cuddled by wakened sky

The sun and the moon
strove to attain equal status
A shift in her consciousness
just happened
she instantly knew how
to listen with new ears
and dance with the moon
on feet held up by dreams
• • • •

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• • • •

Artist Notes

MoonDancer is an initial transitional piece, created as I moved in my media choices from watercolor and prismacolor pencils on paper, through watercolor and prismacolor pencil on watercolor ground on canvas, into transparent liquid acrylics and Blick pencils direct on canvas.

I used the Golden absorbent ground on a recycled canvas. I was just starting to play with different grounds at this point. Meanwhile, I was using the same watercolor techniques that I have developed over the years.

I drew the initial sketch for MoonDancer in less than 2 minutes, loosely with the paint brush. Light-hearted, whimsical and joyous – this is what I was feeling as I painted.

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South-East or Infusion

South-East or Infusion

Stones of Change header
Southeast or Infusion

In my circle this crystal is a semi-rutilated citrine crystal. The black spikes are at its’ base and the tip is a clear golden crystal The Southeast is marked here – the balance point between spiritual and physical.

Here all physical impurities are infused and cleansed by the golden amber light of Spirit. All spiritual principals or ideas are grounded in physical reality. It is the place of earth or nature-based spirituality and indicates a balance between physical and spiritual directions on our map.

Whole and Perfect

Whole and Perfect

Stones of Change header
Personal Power

Whole Perfect Stone

The Whole Perfect stone has interior cracks in it which causes it to appear broken. It looks like it is missing a big chunk. In actuality, the surface of it is smooth and complete. It is not broken at all.

Just like the stone, no matter how broken you appear to be to yourself or others, you are in truth whole perfect and complete just as you are.

Little Bird

Little Bird

Stones of Change header
Little Bird

Little Bird

Little bird sits in the South East quadrant of my circle. Little birds naturally sing joyously all day long for the pure joy of it, in full bodied gratitude for the gift of life.

Rejoicing in life fully, little bird blesses us with the song of Spirit.  Any other stones landing near Little Bird are somehow attached to your joy and your gratitude.

This is a conscious practice, and the involvement of this stone in your reading means that you are working consciously to appreciate your gifts in life, and to experience true joy.