The Entertainer

He got all dramatic
In a campy sort of way
Dancing and singing
His own accompaniment
An instantaneous spontaneous
Musical extravaganza
All the while, her heart warmed
Lighting up at the touch
Of his voice, his enthusiasm
As he showed off
For both of them
The entertainer
Ta, da…………..!!!

Heaven’s Heart

I woke up this very morning
with a smile playing across my face
and a song singing
in my heart of hearts
While the melody of Spirit
plays within me
in this very moment
magic occurs, birds fly
And the stars burn
with fervent passion for life
ever renewed, quickening
in the heavens

Spirit Joy

Singing his song
which bubbles up
Always in a steady stream
of Spirit joy
He discovered music
in his every moment of life

Bring Out the Sun

To bring out the sun:

Sing, sing

with all your heart

Whether it be silent

on the tongue

or roaring from

your soul’s center

Let your joyousness

wreak havoc

on the dismal weather

of mind

Mystery Singing

Wolf naturally

runs in the pack

being a family person

a tribe person

the rogue only so

while unmated

Howling, singing

to the mystery

is his delight