In All Seriousness

Back in the routine
Of day to day today
As the waters rise
And the bottom falls out
And all the little fairies
And angels tap dance
On the head of a pin
And here I am
Again and again
Laughing to myself
At my self
And my silly seriousness

Simply Incongruous

Some hairy clown in a tutu
stopped by to console
the agitated hippo stuck in the mud
• • •
How can one describe that
without seeming absurd?
Certainly some of life’s observations
are best kept impressed on the brain only
paying silent homage
to the appearance of reason and sanity

• • •

My brain takes it in
and spurts it out at odd times
Aw, heck!
Life is just silly, sometimes!

Silliness Lovers

Emotive nonsense
tickles my fancy
so, I do a little dancy
waving my arms
You can be silly
and play willy nilly
while the full moon plots
to whisper sweet nothings
The pool is full
and it’s spilling over
Oh, we’re silliness lovers
and that grape got away!

Truth Expressed

Sally forth! or is that sully fourth?
or perhaps silly mirth?
or, in my case, girly worth?
It really matters not which words are used
to describe our doing (let alone our being)
What does matter is the actual state 
of the truth, as it is expressed
in this moment and the next
You could say it’s all Love

Nimble Hearts

That big guy, all nimbly on his toes
pirouetted and sang wowza songs
You and I in harmony
soft shoe along, a part of a throng
A chorus of silliness
light heartedness, all nimbly too
• • • •
May we ever dance
All nimbly
Joined at the heart
Of joyousness