Shores of Awareness

The crowd gathered murmuring
A cacophony of incessant cicadas
Washing the shores of awareness
Caressing thoughts like pebbles
On the wet sand

*  *  *  *

Eyes closed, body eased
Seeking solace, silence
On the busy shore
And there – amidst  –
One eternal moment of peace


How may days spent in contemplation
with only the One foremost in the mind?
A few moments here, several there
perhaps a retreat of hours or days
now and again, at some point
Still, like the mustard seed faith
or the scientific magic of leverage
the power of a single moment
plugged into the silence
– the sacred silence in the Presence –
moves mountains of sludge
and self-willful thinking
into the light of Love

Peaceful Silence

In the cave
hidden on the cliffside
Rockfall and rubble
bushes and grasses all around
In that silent solitary place
near the river of my life
I sat in communication
with the bugs and animals
And became more connected
with the earth in the walls

and through the rock on which I sat
silently in peace…

Immaculate Silence

When the breeze whispers past
the early morning blossoms

Sweet nothings
tickle my ears

As I contemplate
the immaculate silence

Sliding Raindrops

Raindrop slides along side
new bud budding slow
Bare branches soak it in
moisture fat and drippy
• • • •
Contemplating silence
in the midst of drips
and drops and gurgles
Whets imagination
Wets the dry earth