High Time

High Time

It’s high time you come out of hiding
don’t you think?
Let us see you 
in your fullness and brilliance
Bless us with your presence
You, in all of your uniqueness, 
are a precious, shiny gift…
radiant and glorious you

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
was all growed up and everything
Living in the back washes
of the carnival/rodeo thingy
she’d been there for years
most of her life, it seemed
Herded there by a cloudy character
of undefined purposes
in a nefarious attempt
to cloud her light
She couldn’t help it
shine is what she was
and shine is what she did

Shining Center

Though overcast and grey
the sun shines brightly
above the clouds
Ever shining, ever loving
energizing our bones
Shining, also, in our center
where no clouds reside

Excitement of Being

Can you handle it?
The excitement, the buzz, the adrenaline
the rush of being all you’re meant to be
doing what you were made to do


When it’s all flowing right
and you’ve pushed through
your self-made limitations

There your Spirit shines

I guess I need sunglasses!