So, once, the story
went one way, full of pain
and drama and woe
Then he decided
to make up a new past
and he created a masterpiece story
Suddenly, the sun got brighter
his footstep lightened
and the birds sang at his mirth…

Favorite Shadow

He wrestled with
his favorite shadow
Tenaciously chomping
his chops
Until they were both
simply worn out
And fell asleep
peaceful as babes


How is what I say any different
from what you say or she says or he says?
It is but thought described
in word or deed or image
a photograph, if you will
of a moment in time
and by the time it is expressed
it is a solid bit of evidence
no longer in the now moment
except as this static piece of history
from one perspective
it is all story

Once more

Once more
once again
one more time
He centered in Spirit
and moved on..

Daily Napkin for Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily Napkin for Monday, January 11, 2010

Telling the story
with a bit of a flair
selling the concept
with every little detail
The theme builds ridges
grooves in my mind
till I think one directional
one perspective all the time
Rattling cages, shaking the story
Dancing on housetops
A different view from above