The shadows play big
with the light from the side
Shade stretching and slithering
across the landscape

• • •

She pumped her feet
and leaned deep in the push
going higher and higher
-but never any lower-
As her shadow slid
like a water slick
across the dappled ground


Starman stands on the brink
toes sunk into fertile soil
Arms outstretched
fingers tickling his beloved stars
Above, below, around, through
the twinkling light
dances with its shadow self
The Yin and Yang
ever twining, ever spinning
as Starman sees between


The shadow of you
fixing your lunch
and all the morning ritual
As it was reflected
on the sun dappled window
shifting with the breezes
as they tickle the leaves
That shadow looked just like squirrel
wiggling his spunky tail
and standing on tippy toe
on the top board of the fence
Until I noticed the striped shirt…