Begin again

In transition, in the process of transformation. I wonder often if there will ever be a time when I am not in the midst of some change. I recognized that there is either life/growth/change or there is death/shriveling/change and that there does seem to be at least one thing in common to both. Today’s formula:  love=change. I just this moment realized that this is formulaic work. Probably, in another moment or two, I will realize that it is not. Even my realizations change on a momentary basis.

Brand Me Successful

I decided to improve my brand. Me, Dena McKitrick: not one of my businesses, but me, the individual.

Recently, I have been thinking about who I am on the inside vs. how I appear on the outside, with the focus on congruency. Am I congruent with myself in appearance and deed? What experience of me do others have? And even more important, does that experience reflect who I truly am? I’ve worked a lot of years to be more in integrity with myself and others. Is that apparent to the world. That is part of my brand.

It’s not all just about a visual image. I mean, yeah, we all recognise the famous logos of the world, and that is part of their brand, but it is not anywhere near all of it. It includes things like how they treat their customers, how quick they respond to a call for help, and what they do with their profits.

So, how does that translate to me, the individual? Simple really. I am looking at things like how I treat those around me, how quickly I jump in and volunteer to help at a meeting, and whether or not I “put my money where my mouth is.” It’s not that I haven’t looked at those things before. I have – lots.

Lately, though, I seem to have come upon a deeper level of self-reflection, which is aimed at being as aligned as humanly possible with who I have been guided to be and do, and to shine that person into the world with clarity. That’s the brand I wish to present: the best me possible.